Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide Under $25: For the Guys

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I told you I’d be back! These round-ups are really fun to create. Now I see why all the bloggers jump on the gift guide bandwagon. It’s cool to see everyone’s ideas. No one guide is the same.

Here is what I gathered (and will probably end up buying a majority of) for the guys in our lives! There are a wide-range of options that any man is sure to love!

Let’s just jump right in!

Amazon Essentials Men’s Knit Pajama Pant


We love cozy clothes in our house. Amazon Essential’s has some really great clothing picks; I’m very impressed by the quality of the brand. These are soft and not too tight. Definitely easy to roll up in a stocking!


anywhere from $1-$25

No link for this one; just stop by any grocery story or gas station. My hubs likes these and they are always easy to throw into a card or stocking. I usually grab 3 or 4 ranging anywhere from a dollar to twelve.

Good ole junk food

$.99 or so

For the twelve year old men in your life, LOL. My man has a serious sweet tooth, so I always pick up some candy bars and some of his favorite junk food goodies to stuff in his stocking.

External gadget charger


Whether it’s a laptop, phone, iPad, etc…this is a great little tool to charge on the go. If your guy has a drained battery all the time, this would be perfect!

The Stuff every Husband Should Know book


Hey, if they’re going to sit in the bathroom for 45 minutes at a time, at least they can learn something while they try and hide. This cracked me up; and honestly, the sample content I read wasn’t cheesy. There were legitimate tips in there. I’m totally buying this.

Beard brush and Comb set


I’m constantly trying to get Trav to groom his beard. I’m such a sucker for a good beard, but sometimes they hurt! My daughter and I both wince at how prickly he can be. I told him to invest in some good oil and start treating his beard with conditioner and brushing it. It’s a work in progress. If you’re lucky and you already have a seasoned beard groomer in your house, this has great reviews and looks slick!

Brew House Beer Chillers


For the beer lovers in your life – when they aren’t sipping on their brews, they can stick theses handy-dandy cooling doohickeys (don’t ask me to explain the science behind them, I just know that they work) Plus they have great reviews.

The Great Grill Scraper


Apparently this thing is supposed to be the holy grail of grill cleaners. Trav is a huge grill dude, so I always try and sneak in a handy gadget every year that I think he’ll use. This one is going on the list!

Cozy House Slippers


These would be great to keep by the door for when they are in and out of the house doing whatever it is men do. They might be a tad big for the stocking, but meh, you can sit them right beside it.

Graphic Tees


I don’t know about you, but my dude LOVES graphic tees. In particular movie-related ones. If you guys haven’t heard of or used Red Bubble yet, you’re welcome. It’s got every TV Show/Movie/Book/Cartoon related shirt/mug/purse/tote/every other accessory ever you could possibly think of for gift ideas. We actually use this site a lot. Just search for any movie or TV show your man loves, and see all the options that come up. You’re mind will be blown!

ALL the gift cards

Up to $25

A no-brainer really; if all else fails and it’s easier for you, just pick up some gift cards you know he’ll use. Basically any place you can think of has them, so you really can’t go wrong. Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy, His favorite food chains, etc…

A subscription to Dollar Shave Club

$8.99 up to $16/month

The gift that keeps on giving. This would be a great option that I’ve heard super good things about. Comes with a razor that you just switch out the blades for, and some oil and ‘shave butter’ as well. You can pick different subscription and box options; and I think there is the option to pay annually as well.

Working hands lotion


Trav’s hands get SUPER dry during the winter. To the point where there was a time he looked down and his hands had started to bleed they were so cracked. I have to stay on him to use lotion; so I will definitely be adding this to his stocking this year. It’s supposedly the best on the line and doesn’t leave your hands feeling greasy.

PooPourri on-the-go gift set


Because, men. LOL – seriously though these little guys can go where they go; so if they get weird about pooping in public, BAM, it’s as small as a chap stick, and discreet. No more leave-behind embarrassment! Not a bad idea at all.

Noir for men by Bath and Body Works


This is actually cheaper on Amazon then in store! It’s my all-time favorite body spray on Trav. It smells heavenly; woodsy but not old-man musky. If your guy has his own go-to smell, pick up a small bottle of it’s spray version or a travel size of the cologne and stick it in his stocking!

Sports travel tumbler


Great for camping or running errands, these sports tumblers are a great way for your man to rep his team!

That’s it for the guys round! Next up, babies! See the ladies Stocking Stuffer picks here

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