May Favorites: First birthday edition


SO glad the week is over. I am headed into the long weekend ready to veg out as much as humanely possible (even though that never ends up happening).

Let's talk birthdays! My little had her first celebration this year. It was so much fun, and we were able to decorate for well under $150. I wanted to share some of the items we used, in case any other mama's were planning their daughter's first birthday!

1. Wild One Balloon: The quality on this surprised me! It was perfect for her party. It only took me about 15 minutes if that to blow up, and we just used fishing line to connect the letters. I don't know that you could use helium instead, you'd have to check.

2. First Birthday/Onesie + Tutu: This was so worth the buy. I was again worried about the quality, but it was perfect! The tutu was fluffy and adorable (we got the peach) and the onesie fit her great. The only thing I would say that bothered me is that the 'one' wreath and lettering is very low, I would have preferred it higher so you could see it better.

3. 'One' High chair skirt: This came exactly as pictured. The color was true to what was shown, and was a great addition to the overall theme of the party (pink, teal, golds) we ended up using it as well at her smash cake photos. Definitely worth it.

4. Birthday party pack: I didn't want to have to run around to eight different stores to get what I needed in terms of decorations. Whatever I wasn't able to grab on Amazon, I got at the dollar store. This made my life ten times easier. Everything was of great quality, and did the job perfectly. More than enough to make any space look well themed. You can definitely use this for any occasion, just nix the happy birthday banner included.

5. 12 month banner: This was my favorite. I actually kept it to hang in her room, because I wasn't ready to part with it. Came exactly as described. The only thing that I hated was that the photos kept coming undone. That may have been me not putting enough tape, however. Everyone loved looking at her different photos leading up to her 1st year.

That's it for this month! I spent a good majority of it (as you can see above) on getting her party situated. I decided to bulk order what I could from Amazon, then finished the rest at the dollar store. Hopefully some other mama's get use out of these items! They absolutely have boy friendly versions as well.


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