April Favorites

Hi guys!

I am going to attempt to start incorporating monthly favorites into the blog. I love discovering new random items I didn't know about before, and thought It could be fun to share the goods with you! 

Dryer Balls! These in particular are something I've been wanting to try now for a while. One of my goals for this year after having Charlotte was to cut down on toxic products, and try to be a little more mindful environmentally. This was a great stepping stone for us, because we were already implementing essential oils (a few drops of your favorite scent on the balls will make your laundry smell heavenly, chemical free!)  so nixing dryer sheets was the perfect baby step. I've included a link for them below. We use (3) balls a load. They last for up to a year! 

Glass Spray Bottles! So in trying to avoid chemicals all together, we have implemented using glass bottles with Thieves cleaner (something you should totally invest in, if you haven't.) Don't get me wrong, I will never be the chick that is like "omg, I cannot touch another bottle of Windex ever again, guys." BUT I think making better choices occasionally to lessen your footprint and do better by your family is always a good thing. These were inexpensive, and because essential oils have bad reactions with plastic, the glass bottles are much better to use. I have a linen spray I made from these (Lavender, lemon, rosemary, Distilled water) and so getting two for that price is great!

Baby Probiotics! I'm such a huge, huge advocate for these. I believe probiotics are an integral party of your overall health. There is a direct link between mental well-being and the gut. Our whole family takes them, including our little babe! This brand has been great, and isn't overly expensive. Just a few drops each day in her bottle or food, and she's set! She is regular, healthy, and happy!

Blender Bottle! So I got my brother in law this exact model for Christmas; and then decided I needed one myself. The cool thing about this particular blender is that it comes with TWO additional bottom storage compartments. One for another serving of your favorite protein powder or pre-workout, and another smaller compartment for your vitamins or other supplements! I absolutely love mine.

That's all for now! Be sure to check back in May, I have some exciting things to share with you coming up. Happy shopping!

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