Dooli: a diaper genie must-have

Hey girl hey! I hope everyone's week has been off to a good start. We are currently dealing with our second bout of a double ear infection; so it's been interesting around the Recchion household. Nevertheless, we are surviving!

I wanted to talk Diaper Genie's today! I went back and forth a lot on whether or not we would need one. I had read so many conflicting articles; some saying it was a life-saver, while others claimed theirs was barely touched. A friend finally just gifted us one; so we decided to go ahead and judge for ourselves.

WE LOVE IT. I truly couldn't function without mine. However, there are pros and cons. I love the convenience of having dirty diaper storage right in her room, but the smell sometimes really gets to me. I am not even going to sugar coat it - it's downright foul. The bags that we have been using just don't cut out the odors like they should. I've basically been holding my breath at every diaper change.

Well, I came across Dooli. This product is seriously such a cool concept, guys. I truly believe in its effectiveness. It's an adapter you put into your Diaper Genie, that can fit any trash bag. Yup, you read that right! You can use the trash bag you use at home. That in itself sold me. Think of the amount of money you would save. I spend $20 for four diaper genie refills every two months. That's $40 dollars I could save using bags we already have in the house. They do also provide their own bags. You can get a 25 pack for $14.99. The adapter alone is only $12.99! It is built to last for years and can stay in your pail between bag changes. A great deal all in all.

Fact: One baby in one year = 3,000 on average OR the equivalent of 3x the height of the Statue of Liberty. Dooli™ bag adapters are reusable for 150 bags+. That's less plastic in landfills each year for every Dooli™ adapter used. The environment will thank you.

Crazy information, right? It really surprised me....and equally grossed me out! That is a lot of waste. I've been using the bags now for a few weeks. I will never go back to using the old Diaper Genie refills again. The bags Dooli provides are 7 layers, and I was so impressed by their ability to mask a generous amount of odor.

I did want to note that Alison with Dooli did disclose to me that the current refill bags are not entirely compatible with the Complete pail unless they are propped up (the weight of the diapers will pull the lid open, so they need to be propped up enough so the diapers don't dangle). They are actively working on longer bags and will be offering those with the Complete pail in the near future. I haven't experienced much of an inconvenience due to this, however. I still highly recommend the product.

You can shop Dooli here. Use promo code NIKKI25 for 25% off your total. 

Think happy smells!


**I was given these products complimentary of Dooli; however, all opinions on it are my own**