Raising a non-picky eater: Little Spoon

Happy Friday Eve! I can't tell you how ready I am for the weekend. This morning I woke up, went to make my protein shake, and put half a scoop of formula into my blender bottle before I realized 'this can't be right...' So, there's that.

I wanted to talk picky eaters! We are a family of give.me.all.the.food! My husband and I are not at all particular about what we eat (minus a few random things here and there) so we really wanted our daughter to have a broad palette as well. It's something we have talked about and began practicing early on. We started to pay attention to Charlie's feeding cues and interest in what we were eating at around 4 months. We then gradually began to introduce baby led weaning to her. If you haven't had the opportunity to look into this, I highly recommend it. It's a great way to hone in on the communication between you and your baby; by letting them tell you when they're ready to start sampling the foods that you are eating. 

As soon as Charlie began to grab at our utensils as we ate, or take handfuls of the food off of our plates; we knew she was wanting to expand her culinary horizons, if you will. What confirmed this theory for me, was the fact that she immediately took to being spoon fed. It didn't take her long at all to catch on; and she didn't even want baby cereal, or avocado! She wanted the good stuff. So, we listened.

I found Little Spoon on Instagram, and knew I had to reach out. They formulate specific blends of fresh baby food that are designed according to your babies age and nutritional needs. It gives me such a great feeling knowing that I am not only exposing her taste buds to a variety of different foods and spices (some I myself have never even tried!) but that she is also getting the natural vitamins she needs in order to thrive.

I can't recommend them enough. Even if you only decide to participate for one month; it's such a worth while investment. I try my best to make homemade baby food for her when I can; but when I come home from work every night, the last thing I want to do is have cook two separate meals. This service is truly unique in what it offers; most notable, recipes that are complex. 

Go check them out now! I promise you will be impressed.

Happy baby feeding!


Interesting fact: Did you know that most store bought baby food(s) have chemicals and toxins in them that have most likely been sitting on the shelf longer than the baby eating it has been alive? Crazy, right?!