Upgrading our DockAtot

How is it already the end of February? After having Charlotte, time sped up faster than ever. I now appreciate the old adage 'enjoy it while it lasts' that everyone repeated to me over and over again while I was pregnant! I am trying to soak in every moment I can with my girl. It's bittersweet to say the least.

  Ma, no paparazzi, please!

Ma, no paparazzi, please!

Anyway! Enough of my sentimental rambling.

I've had the pleasure of collaborating with the DockAtot brand since before Christmas; and let me tell you, I just love them. (This coming from a place of previous skepticism concerning their effectiveness.) 

We've recently had to upgrade from our Deluxe+, because Charlie is growing like a weed. Hobbit-like stature runs on my side of the family, and let me tell you: this girl is anything BUT. She is all her dad - Lean and tall. Typically the Deluxe+ will last well after 8 months; however, our little chickadee was basically a sardine in hers. She likes to spread out and stretch, so it was definitely time for a Grande

Let me tell you guys how hard it was to choose was type of design we wanted. They offer such a beautiful range of prints - lucky for me they are interchangeable! You can easily take them off, wash them, and zip them right back on. The fabric isn't scratchy at all, which can be a concern for a babies sensitive skin.

We've used the lounger in so many situations I would have never expected. For example, there have been plenty of times that we've brought it over to our family and friends houses that have a lot of tile, and not a lot of rug coverage. Because Charlotte is still a little weeble-wobble while sitting up, it makes this mama a bit nervous to just throw a blanket down. The security the DockAtot offers puts my worries at ease. I know that even if she falls over, she has the thick sides of the 'Tot to cushion any potential "blows." I've also been able to change her in it, and can keep her in our bed to eat or hang out without having to hover (as much) over her like a total weirdo mom.

The Grand is huge too. I was a little intimidated at first, because I wasn't sure I would be able to still move it around as easily. Sure enough, I managed just fine; mind you I'm 5 feet tall, with absolutely zero upper body strength. So If I can still carry it around without nearly dying, believe me, you won't have any problem. 

It will also last her well into her toddler-hood. We hope to use it as a transitioning tool when we move her to her big girl bed (ouch, my heart!) It also won't cause her to overheat during our ridiculously hot Arizona summers, because the loungers are made with hygienic fabrics that do not harbor heat. They are also hypo-allergenic, which makes such a difference for our allergen prone family.

And, just in case you were more of a numbers person:

  • Deluxe+ (Stage 1): 0-8 months old or 5-22 lbs
  • Grand (Stage 2): 9-36 months or 22-40 lbs

Head over to their site now, and take a look at all of the beautiful prints. They also offer bundles! 

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***I received this product compliments of DockAtot. However, all opinions and reviews are my own***