Nuby Favorites! Part 1

Having a 6-month-old to entertain is a lot harder than I thought it would be! Being a first time mom, I wasn't fully prepared (and probably still aren't) at how much she's taking in at any given moment. Just when I think she's fully occupied with a toy, song, or teether; she's changed her mind, and wants to move on to the next big thing. So, we've been doing our best to research toys that will be at least somewhat educational, as well as find a variety of different teething resources (she hates the cold. So far, wood and rubber have been our lottery).

I'm obsessed with Nuby, guys. I have been since Charlotte was born. I'm not even kidding when I say that half the toys we have bought for her, have ended up being the Nuby brand. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite items that would be great on your Christmas list!

The plan was to wait to give her these awesome new gifts until Christmas - but I caved, and couldn't wait any longer. She can't get enough!

She absolutely loves this 'Nananubs' Gum massager. It's been the proverbial flavor of the week. It's great because it's designed to instill positive oral hygiene habits from the very start. The 360 massaging bristles provide gentle cleaning and the extra soft 100% silicone bristles to soothe sore gums. She will gnaw on this thing until she has completely soaked herself in drooly relief.

The other two items I wanted to mention are above. The little froggy face you see there is her go-to teething blankie. We bring it everywhere with us. It's sort of become her "lovey" if you will. It's absorbent, so she can drool all over it to her heart's content, and it doesn't get that mildew smell. It's soft plush characters (yes, there are more than one!) make squeaking sounds when squeezed, the soft fabric crinkles to capture her attention, and the four teething sections soothe her sore gums. She will sometimes just lay with it, and play with the different textures to relax. 

Also, there's who we call "Mr. O" the Plush Activity Octopus. He is so soft and offers multiple interactive elements that rattle, squeak, stretch, and crinkle to entertain your baby. She finds a new sound or part of him to bite on every day, and cracks up at his rattle/funny face. She loves that there are so many different elements of him to explore.

I have provided the links to all of these great gift ideas below. I have another post on some more Nuby products, (and a possible giveaway...) coming tomorrow, that you won't want to miss! Be sure to stay tuned.



  • NanaNubs Gum Massager: Available in-store at Walmart, Babies R’ Us, and online: here & here
  • Plus Activity Octopus:  Available online at Amazon here.
  • Teething Blankie: Available in-store at Buy Buy Baby, Babies R’ Us, and online: here & here.
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