Do you even Collagen, Bruh?

So; as anyone with kids will tell you, pregnancy can; and for the most part does, put your body through the ringer (sorry not preggo or still preggo friends.)

I was actually surprised by how many weird hormonal effects I experienced, and are still being surprised by; even 5 months postpartum. I know that it's been said it can take an entire year for a woman to truly heal after having a kid; so while a little caught off guard; there is the good news that most of these annoyances can be remedied at home!

Along with a few other supplements I've started to implement into my daily routine (a pregnancy post on this here) I have jumped on the collagen train. I follow some really great ladies on Instagram, and a few of them have been using Vital Proteins for a while now. I was intrigued, and decided I needed to see what all the hype was about.


I'm so glad I did, guys. This stuff is amazing. Not to mention the entire Vital Proteins team has been so helpful, guiding me along the way, answering my many questions, and making sure I am getting products that are tailored to my requested needs.

I have a tried other Collagen products in the past, but was also having a hard time finding a brand that didn't have an off, beefy, after taste. Even the plant-based ones tasted horrible to me. The peptides I am currently using from Vital dissolve instantly in whatever drink you may use. They are no fuss no muss, plop two tablespoons into your coffee or water, and you're off and running. I was really relieved that they didn't clump whatsoever.

Since I've been using the peptides 2x a day, for about two to three weeks now, I've noticed a huge difference in the texture of my hair. Not so much that I was losing it postpartum, but that it was dull, and almost wirey. It's gotten softer, and I've noticed an increase in it's thickness. To be honest, other than that, we will have to wait on a full review on the growth aspect. My nails are definitely stronger, and aren't breaking or chipping as much as they have in the past. The biggest eye-opener for me, however, was the relief in my body aches. I just had overall stiffness and achy joints. The peptides have really calmed this down, and although I can still feel a bit of stiffness in the morning, it doesn't last nearly as long, and has ceased entirely throughout the day.

Here is a quick rundown (and just my own two cents) of the few items I've had the pleasure of trying so far:

  • Collagen Beauty Water - I struggled a bit with this one, not going to lie. I was so excited about the flavor combination (I got Lavender Lemon) yet had a hard time finding any temperature of water that wouldn't make this stuff not clump. I tried room, cold, hot, lukewarm; no matter what, it just wouldn't dissolve correctly. Also, I found the smell to be a bit much, and didn't get any of the lavender/lemon undertones. That being said, I haven't given up on it quite yet; and was even thinking of recipes to sneak it into. They also offer Strawberry lemonade as an option, and I believe Melon Mint. More on that later!
  • Beef Gelatin - Sounds not so appetizing, right? This stuff is gold! I had the opportunity to make some gummies with it; and felt like a food scientist. I used all natural ingredients (recipe here) and they came out great! I've been popping a few every morning before I eat my breakfast.
  • Coffee Creamer - I just got this one in the mail today; and AM SO EXCITED to try this, you guys. I am an avid coffee drinker, and this was on the top of my list. I don't have any review to give you yet, but will keep you updated. I got the gingerbread (hello, holidays) but it also comes in Vanilla, and Coconut.

There is a seemingly endless amount of product on their website to research and try out; Truly this brand knows what they are doing, and I can't sing enough praises about their integrity. I know it's important to take note on what we are putting into our bodies, and I trust Vital Proteins 100%.

All in all, I am vastly impressed, and can't wait to see what else they are working on.