The DockAtot hype: Once a skeptic, now a believer

Hey there, friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am currently nursing my second glass of recovery wine while letting the proverbial dust settle from the past two days. They have been a whirlwind! While I am so full of gratitude for all the blessings myself and Travis have been given the past year; I was not at all prepared for the additional chaos that ensues when you add a kid to the Holiday mix. Not to indicate that it's in any way a negative thing. It just so happens that I am still very much in the throes of learning to balance the expectancy of getting out of the house on time, versus the reality of my daughter deciding to pee on the brand new outfit I just put on her, as we are halfway out the door, and I left my keys in the fridge.

Let's talk naps. does your kid hate them as much as mine does? They are the bane of her existence. She literally fights her sleep, in her sleep - Not even kidding. She would rather scream at us in baby babble for 30 minutes about why she doesn't need them, rather than ever actually taking one.

That being said, the one place she does sleep well, and without much of a hassle, is her crib. We have never had her sleep in our bed (cue the attachment parenting gasps - more on our parenting "style" another time, another blog post) This is both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes I do regret not being able to put her into bed with us when she's not feeling well, or being able to throw a blanket down and take respite wherever we may be. If there's one thing I'm certain about when it comes to my daughter - it's that she has a serious case of FOMO whenever we are out and she is forced to lay down in the other room in an attempt to nap. She needs to be a part of the buzz at all times, or you won't hear the end of it.

Let's backtrack for a moment. Before I go into any more details about the DockAtot, and how it changed the napping game for us; you need to fully comprehend how against it I was. When I first got pregnant, I was made aware of the 'trend' of these baby loungers and would see them everywhere on social media. I considered them over-priced, and pretentious. Why would I need a traveling bed for my baby that cost 200-something dollars, when we have a perfectly good bed (as does she) that she can nap in? If we were out and she needed to nap, she could do so in her car seat, or we could carry her. No DockAtot required.


Well, it turns out that my kid is only getting heavier, and the baby gurus of the world are recommending against letting your littles sleep for prolonged periods of time in their car seats.

I was wrong, guys. There, I said it. Now that we got that out of the way, I can go on to explain how It's actually been a useful tool for us during naptime, and everyday life in general.

The DockAtot deluxe (they come in two sizes, the deluxe being for 0-8 months, the grand for 9-36 months) is really light, to my surprise. So being able to move it room to room has been a Godsend. I can be working on the computer, and if she wants to play next to me, I just put her on her tummy (or back) in the lounger, give her a toy, and she will lay there comfortably, plus I don't have to worry about her getting too far. Plus, there's been a few bonus times that's she's actually fallen asleep playing in it. That never happens.

After she got her DOCband helmet, they had told us that because it holds in more body heat, we would need to make sure that she doesn't overheat while she sleeps. During her first nap after we got home, I put the DockAtot in our bed, laid down next to her, and was able to soothe her to sleep in no time. It is 100% cotton, so it's breathability has been able to keep her cool enough, so that I don't have to worry.

I'm telling you, she took to this thing immediately after we got it. Almost to the point of being shocked, and even sort of offended that it took her parents this long to catch on. I'm really glad that we decided to give it a try - we use it on the couch, in the playroom, on our bed...we're even able to take it with us to visit friends and family, so she has somewhere to rest and hang out safely when needed.

Now, if you don't have the cash to put down on this thing, don't be dismayed - they are expensive, and so is life. I totally get it. The good news is these are great items to put on your baby registry - or you can finance one as well (this I was not aware of until recently) so there's no need to run off and get a second job in order to get your hands on one.

If you do have the flex to get one; I highly recommend going for it. They also have really cute covers if you are feeling fashionably inclined; so you can switch them out occasionally, or every day, multiple times a day, if that's your thing.

You can check out their website here. Right now they are offering a 15% promo code for the Holidays; though I'm not too sure how long that will last.

Happy napping!