The Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock: A space saving must

Happy Friday Eve! I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving! We've been running around like chickens without heads, trying to organize our new 'normal' with a little babe in tow! Holidays with kids, as wonderful as it is, can get crazy, quick.

That being said, grocery shopping can become more like a full day field trip, rather than a quick in-and-out errand. Typically, for our family, it's finding room in the cart for Charlotte's car seat (which is not small or light by any means) that isn't on top of the cart itself. I do not like to do this, as it doesn't feel safe to me; not to mention I'm 5 feet tall, and there's no way I can navigate the cart when I can't even see over it! 

This usually means that we end up putting her car seat inside of the cart, which leaves us very little room for any actual groceries. Trav has to grab a second cart, and it becomes this whole big ordeal. 

Full disclosure: I love grocery shopping. Does that make me a total weirdo? I can't be the only one who enjoys strolling down the isles, looking for new recipe ideas and foods/items to try. I like to meal prep for the week ahead, and Charlie gets the opportunity to take in all the new sights and sounds around her. 

Well, low and behold; the Binxy Hammock completely took me by surprise. I had never heard of anything like it but knew I could utilize the convenience it offered. You can store it in your diaper bag, as it's light, and easily disconnects and rolls up. I didn't need any instructions at all. You simply snap each end to the sides of the cart, fasten the velcro holds, and you're done! There's a harness that keeps your kiddo in place, and another belt that goes across their torso and bottom half, so there's the extra level of protection just in case you've got a wiggle worm like I do.

Putting her in it was a breeze - it didn't phase her one bit. If anything, she loved not having anything to obstruct the view of the world around her. I have a very observant babe, and she loves to interact and watch her surroundings at all times. I gave her a toy, and she was as content as could be.

I do have to say, I wish I would have thought of getting this sooner; It does hold up to 50 pounds, however, I wouldn't say it does so comfortably. The weight limit does include the weight of the car seat, which it also holds in the cart! My girl is 6 months, and while it states this is used for ages 6-8 months, she did get uncomfortable after a while, because she was a bit scrunched up inside, and there wasn't too much room left to stretch out. This could heavily depend on the width of the cart you're using as well.

I recommend getting the hammock as a baby shower gift or buying it right after you bring your little one home. It is absolutely worth it; especially if you are out and about a lot. You can use this in any standard cart, and it really does help you compartmentalize so that you have more room for all your Target goodies. ;) 

They have really cute patterns on their website. You can also rest assured knowing that all of the hammocks have been safety tested. Also, when you sign up, you get 10% your first order!

Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: I received this product for free, however, all opinions and reviews for it are my own.