For the love of Dockatot

Happy Monday, friends! I am ready for a productive week. I hope everyone had a great weekend.

I have to tell you, I am beyond relieved that the 'flu/sick' season has come and gone. There was a time there that I felt like my kid was sick more than she was healthy. Does anyone else feel that way?! This season was a rough one for us. Two ear infections, and a ton of colds/snotty noses to tackle. Needless to say, our Dockatot was a saving grace during all of this. 

  watching Mickey!

watching Mickey!

  Mrs. Mighetto design

Mrs. Mighetto design

  Dockatot Grand

Dockatot Grand

I was having to change the cover of our 'tot A LOT when she was sick. Between trying to kill all the germs, and her constantly spreading bodily fluids (cringey, I know) all over it, I honestly couldn't get in enough washes. It became really daunting, because I only had one cover. So I broke down and we decided to get another one as a backup.

I got the one as seen above. It's SO soft, you guys. I love how light it is. The gray/purple hues slay me. I am such a sucker for moody, airy color palettes; and this one is a dream. It gives me all of the Fairytale/Disney-ish vibes. You can shop it here. What's funny is we actually have the darker version of this as well. I guess that theme just really sticks out to me for whatever reason.

I'm so grateful to the Dockatot brand. They provide my girl a level of comfort that comes in and saves the day consistently. Whether it's lounging around the house, at a friends/family members, playing games, eating, or napping in bed with us; we are always more surprised every day at the uses we find for it.

It's a great transitional piece as well. I know Charlie is still a ways a way from her toddler bed (I'm more than okay with this) we know that she will comfortably fit in hers up to 36 months. To me, that's a worthwhile investment.

Both the deluxe+ and Grand 'tots are machine washable, hypo-allergenic, and temperature controlled.

Head over to their site now to read more about their amazing features, and receive 10% off your first order!

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***I received this product compliments of DockAtot. However, all opinions and reviews are my own***


April Favorites

Hi guys!

I am going to attempt to start incorporating monthly favorites into the blog. I love discovering new random items I didn't know about before, and thought It could be fun to share the goods with you! 

Dryer Balls! These in particular are something I've been wanting to try now for a while. One of my goals for this year after having Charlotte was to cut down on toxic products, and try to be a little more mindful environmentally. This was a great stepping stone for us, because we were already implementing essential oils (a few drops of your favorite scent on the balls will make your laundry smell heavenly, chemical free!)  so nixing dryer sheets was the perfect baby step. I've included a link for them below. We use (3) balls a load. They last for up to a year! 

Glass Spray Bottles! So in trying to avoid chemicals all together, we have implemented using glass bottles with Thieves cleaner (something you should totally invest in, if you haven't.) Don't get me wrong, I will never be the chick that is like "omg, I cannot touch another bottle of Windex ever again, guys." BUT I think making better choices occasionally to lessen your footprint and do better by your family is always a good thing. These were inexpensive, and because essential oils have bad reactions with plastic, the glass bottles are much better to use. I have a linen spray I made from these (Lavender, lemon, rosemary, Distilled water) and so getting two for that price is great!

Baby Probiotics! I'm such a huge, huge advocate for these. I believe probiotics are an integral party of your overall health. There is a direct link between mental well-being and the gut. Our whole family takes them, including our little babe! This brand has been great, and isn't overly expensive. Just a few drops each day in her bottle or food, and she's set! She is regular, healthy, and happy!

Blender Bottle! So I got my brother in law this exact model for Christmas; and then decided I needed one myself. The cool thing about this particular blender is that it comes with TWO additional bottom storage compartments. One for another serving of your favorite protein powder or pre-workout, and another smaller compartment for your vitamins or other supplements! I absolutely love mine.

That's all for now! Be sure to check back in May, I have some exciting things to share with you coming up. Happy shopping!

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CaseApp: Discount code inside for your new phone case or laptop skin!

Happy Friday Eve! I am so ready for the weekend. It can never circle back around fast enough.

I wanted to jump on here and gloat about my new laptop skin and iPhone case! They are so beautiful, sleek, and durable! I got them both from CaseApp. 

I had to obviously stick with the Charlie takes Phoenix theme, and I'm really into the vintage Cactus feel lately. So I went with the "Cactus Garden" skin. I was also browsing through the iPhone cases, and couldn't get over how cute the "Sushi Time" pattern was! 


It actually took me a few days to choose what I wanted to go with - they have such a vast selection of abstract, patterned, sleek and minimal designs. It's difficult to just choose one!

If you are in the market for a new electronics skin, they have plenty to choose from; and a ton of different makes and models to dress up your gadget(s)! They also have different levels of protection; whether you're looking for something slim, or something more durable and kid proof. 

Also, good news for you! Go to their website now and enter promo code NIKKI20 for 20% off your own purchase. That's huge! Pick an item that represents you in the best way, or that speaks to you as an individual.


Dooli: a diaper genie must-have

Hey girl hey! I hope everyone's week has been off to a good start. We are currently dealing with our second bout of a double ear infection; so it's been interesting around the Recchion household. Nevertheless, we are surviving!

I wanted to talk Diaper Genie's today! I went back and forth a lot on whether or not we would need one. I had read so many conflicting articles; some saying it was a life-saver, while others claimed theirs was barely touched. A friend finally just gifted us one; so we decided to go ahead and judge for ourselves.

WE LOVE IT. I truly couldn't function without mine. However, there are pros and cons. I love the convenience of having dirty diaper storage right in her room, but the smell sometimes really gets to me. I am not even going to sugar coat it - it's downright foul. The bags that we have been using just don't cut out the odors like they should. I've basically been holding my breath at every diaper change.

Well, I came across Dooli. This product is seriously such a cool concept, guys. I truly believe in its effectiveness. It's an adapter you put into your Diaper Genie, that can fit any trash bag. Yup, you read that right! You can use the trash bag you use at home. That in itself sold me. Think of the amount of money you would save. I spend $20 for four diaper genie refills every two months. That's $40 dollars I could save using bags we already have in the house. They do also provide their own bags. You can get a 25 pack for $14.99. The adapter alone is only $12.99! It is built to last for years and can stay in your pail between bag changes. A great deal all in all.

Fact: One baby in one year = 3,000 on average OR the equivalent of 3x the height of the Statue of Liberty. Dooli™ bag adapters are reusable for 150 bags+. That's less plastic in landfills each year for every Dooli™ adapter used. The environment will thank you.

Crazy information, right? It really surprised me....and equally grossed me out! That is a lot of waste. I've been using the bags now for a few weeks. I will never go back to using the old Diaper Genie refills again. The bags Dooli provides are 7 layers, and I was so impressed by their ability to mask a generous amount of odor.

I did want to note that Alison with Dooli did disclose to me that the current refill bags are not entirely compatible with the Complete pail unless they are propped up (the weight of the diapers will pull the lid open, so they need to be propped up enough so the diapers don't dangle). They are actively working on longer bags and will be offering those with the Complete pail in the near future. I haven't experienced much of an inconvenience due to this, however. I still highly recommend the product.

You can shop Dooli here. Use promo code NIKKI25 for 25% off your total. 

Think happy smells!


**I was given these products complimentary of Dooli; however, all opinions on it are my own**

Raising a non-picky eater: Little Spoon

Happy Friday Eve! I can't tell you how ready I am for the weekend. This morning I woke up, went to make my protein shake, and put half a scoop of formula into my blender bottle before I realized 'this can't be right...' So, there's that.

I wanted to talk picky eaters! We are a family of! My husband and I are not at all particular about what we eat (minus a few random things here and there) so we really wanted our daughter to have a broad palette as well. It's something we have talked about and began practicing early on. We started to pay attention to Charlie's feeding cues and interest in what we were eating at around 4 months. We then gradually began to introduce baby led weaning to her. If you haven't had the opportunity to look into this, I highly recommend it. It's a great way to hone in on the communication between you and your baby; by letting them tell you when they're ready to start sampling the foods that you are eating. 

As soon as Charlie began to grab at our utensils as we ate, or take handfuls of the food off of our plates; we knew she was wanting to expand her culinary horizons, if you will. What confirmed this theory for me, was the fact that she immediately took to being spoon fed. It didn't take her long at all to catch on; and she didn't even want baby cereal, or avocado! She wanted the good stuff. So, we listened.

I found Little Spoon on Instagram, and knew I had to reach out. They formulate specific blends of fresh baby food that are designed according to your babies age and nutritional needs. It gives me such a great feeling knowing that I am not only exposing her taste buds to a variety of different foods and spices (some I myself have never even tried!) but that she is also getting the natural vitamins she needs in order to thrive.

I can't recommend them enough. Even if you only decide to participate for one month; it's such a worth while investment. I try my best to make homemade baby food for her when I can; but when I come home from work every night, the last thing I want to do is have cook two separate meals. This service is truly unique in what it offers; most notable, recipes that are complex. 

Go check them out now! I promise you will be impressed.

Happy baby feeding!


Interesting fact: Did you know that most store bought baby food(s) have chemicals and toxins in them that have most likely been sitting on the shelf longer than the baby eating it has been alive? Crazy, right?!

Upgrading our DockAtot

How is it already the end of February? After having Charlotte, time sped up faster than ever. I now appreciate the old adage 'enjoy it while it lasts' that everyone repeated to me over and over again while I was pregnant! I am trying to soak in every moment I can with my girl. It's bittersweet to say the least.

  Ma, no paparazzi, please!

Ma, no paparazzi, please!

Anyway! Enough of my sentimental rambling.

I've had the pleasure of collaborating with the DockAtot brand since before Christmas; and let me tell you, I just love them. (This coming from a place of previous skepticism concerning their effectiveness.) 

We've recently had to upgrade from our Deluxe+, because Charlie is growing like a weed. Hobbit-like stature runs on my side of the family, and let me tell you: this girl is anything BUT. She is all her dad - Lean and tall. Typically the Deluxe+ will last well after 8 months; however, our little chickadee was basically a sardine in hers. She likes to spread out and stretch, so it was definitely time for a Grande

Let me tell you guys how hard it was to choose was type of design we wanted. They offer such a beautiful range of prints - lucky for me they are interchangeable! You can easily take them off, wash them, and zip them right back on. The fabric isn't scratchy at all, which can be a concern for a babies sensitive skin.

We've used the lounger in so many situations I would have never expected. For example, there have been plenty of times that we've brought it over to our family and friends houses that have a lot of tile, and not a lot of rug coverage. Because Charlotte is still a little weeble-wobble while sitting up, it makes this mama a bit nervous to just throw a blanket down. The security the DockAtot offers puts my worries at ease. I know that even if she falls over, she has the thick sides of the 'Tot to cushion any potential "blows." I've also been able to change her in it, and can keep her in our bed to eat or hang out without having to hover (as much) over her like a total weirdo mom.

The Grand is huge too. I was a little intimidated at first, because I wasn't sure I would be able to still move it around as easily. Sure enough, I managed just fine; mind you I'm 5 feet tall, with absolutely zero upper body strength. So If I can still carry it around without nearly dying, believe me, you won't have any problem. 

It will also last her well into her toddler-hood. We hope to use it as a transitioning tool when we move her to her big girl bed (ouch, my heart!) It also won't cause her to overheat during our ridiculously hot Arizona summers, because the loungers are made with hygienic fabrics that do not harbor heat. They are also hypo-allergenic, which makes such a difference for our allergen prone family.

And, just in case you were more of a numbers person:

  • Deluxe+ (Stage 1): 0-8 months old or 5-22 lbs
  • Grand (Stage 2): 9-36 months or 22-40 lbs

Head over to their site now, and take a look at all of the beautiful prints. They also offer bundles! 

With love and Oil.png

***I received this product compliments of DockAtot. However, all opinions and reviews are my own***

Lorena Canal Rugs: Love at first sight!

Happy Sunday! 

I have spent the last week or two attempting to organize Charlotte's room. It is baffling to me how much stuff we've acquired; a majority of which we never end up using. She still had clothes with tags on them in her closet! Needless to say, it feels good to purge and minimalize. 

I've also been on the hunt for a reasonably priced area rug for her to play on. I'm not the biggest fan of carpet; So I wanted her to be able to lay and roll around on something that would give her a barrier between all of the dog fur and other debris that accumulates on the floor. I'm not the mom that vacuums every single day, surprisingly enough.

I had my eye on Lorena Canal rugs for a while. I always admired the beautiful range of bold to soft colors that they offered; but when I went to go research their brand further, I read that not only were their products hypo-allergenic (goodbye, sneezing triggers!) but all of their rugs are MACHINE. WASHABLE. I was sold. Do you know how rare that is? Most decent area rugs require dry-cleaning. Who has the time for that? Not me. 

My biggest grievance when it came to picking out the perfect area rug was that I am going to have a toddler within a year. Let's state the obvious: kids are messy. I knew that I didn't want to invest in something that I was more than certain she would end up leaving her mark on in the form of half-chewed bits of Cheerios and grape juice art. So, knowing I can just throw this rug into the wash no-muss-no-fuss was all the confirmation I needed.

When the rug first arrives, It is recommended that you throw it into the dryer for a few minutes, to get out any wrinkles and fluff it up a bit. I was too excited to follow through with this step! It was even more beautiful in person. It's so soft and larger than I thought it would be!

They are all 100% cotton, designed in Spain, and made in India. Their home collection is great for both adult spaces and sophisticated kids rooms. I can't wait to get one for our bedroom and living room next! 

I always favor working with brands that also give back. Lorena Canal Proceeds support the Sakula project and provide schooling for children in India. How cool is that? It feels great knowing that I am contributing to a good cause.

Click here to shop the rug you see pictured, as well as others like it. When you subscribe, you get 5% off your first order!


***I received this product compliments of Lorena Canal Rugs. However, all opinions and reviews are my own***



Nuby Favorites! Part 2

Guess who's back (back, back) back again...I'm a dork, I know. But if you're a real Slim Shady fan, you know you just sang that in your head like I did.

Long time, no product review, guys! I have so many beloved Nuby products in my household that I had to make this post a twofer. Plus, You'll have the chance to win your choice of one of the featured items I've talked about yesterday and today (but more on that later!)


FOOD. We can all agree that we love it, amirite? You know who not only enjoys it but makes an art out of it? Babies. I mean that literally. My daughter's favorite time to blow raspberries are mid-bite; something about the specks of mashed peas strewn across the wall really speaks to her.

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 10.01.37 PM.png

Well, while she focuses on her fine art displays; I'm in the midst of making sure she gets at least 50% of what I'm trying to feed her into her actual mouth. The Nuby spoons help me get the job done. They come in a 6 pack and feature a long handle to help make those spoonful's easier to navigate for me and my future Picasso. The handles are also perfectly sized for reaching the bottom of pots and jars, and are soft enough for her to gnaw on when she needs some teething relief!

Onto my next teething must-have for parents whose kids (much like mine) aren't fans of cold remedies. The teething mitten! Full disclaimer: my kid loves this thing. However, the second I tried to put it on her (and the many times I attempted to after that) she pulled it off her wrist. She's just too smart for her own good. So, instead of pictures of her wearing it, here are some of her viciously chewing on it, and trying to figure it out.

On the upside, she entertains herself for quite a while playing with it, likes the crinkling noises it makes, and how it feels on her gums. It's flexible, comfortable, and can be worn on either hand. The multiple silicone teething surfaces soothe her sore gums. It's Available in 4 colors, and all of them include a cute little travel bag.

There you have it, folks! I could easily do a handful of posts like these. I am surprised I don't work for Nuby at this point *COUGH* but really, just go to Amazon, type in Nuby baby products, and you'll be in trouble. I have to limit myself - which let's be honest, is not one of my strong suits.

I've included the links to these two other great gift ideas (baby shower, Christmas, just decide!) down below. 

  • Teething mitten: Shop in store at Wal-Mart & online at Amazon here.
  • 6 pack long handle feeding spoons: Shop here, & here. Also newly available at participating Babies R' Us stores.

NOW, if you want the chance to pick out one of these 5 items for FREE .99 that I've featured - Head on over to my Instagram

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