Empowering Mental Health: Be your own advocate!

It's no secret that I hold the subject of Mental Health near and dear to my heart. It has been a constant in my life for as long as I can remember. So much so, that I have not only come to terms with my own battle; but embrace it's presence in my life like you would any other condition.

The reason I created Moms Behind Mental Health, especially when it comes to the maternal aspect; is because I wanted to shed light on a subject that isn't otherwise interpreted as "comfortable" to talk about. There needs to full transparency about how others live relatively normal lives despite the 'taboo' of their condition(s). My mission is to cultivate and nurture healthy conversations surrounding Mental Health as a whole; whether it be anxiety, depression, OCD, etc...like you would the weather. It's sad that I should even have to strive for something that comes second nature to me.

I came across a video on Facebook a while back that gave me all the feels. It reaffirmed why I started this movement in the first place, even if it only reaches a handful of people every day. You can see it in it's entirety below:

How amazing is this woman!? I just want to squeeze her. What a cool way to bring awareness not only to the condition she herself was battling, but to many others as well. If that isn't a labor of love and a deep desire for change, I don't know what is.

Anyway, long story short: I knew I had to reach out to her, even if it was just to commend her for sharing her story and inspiring others. How lucky am I that she actually responded?! I was elated. Not only did I share with her that what she is doing just makes me want to do a happy dance (I think at some point, I actually did.) but I expressed to her what a great fit we would be for a collaboration. Not only did she agree, but she is also allowing me to let my readers in on a giveaway for their chance to win their own mug!

Let me tell you; there are very little conditions this gal doesn't pay homage to. And if there happens to be one, I fully believe she would add it to the roster if you let her know. It's truly an honor to be working with her.

unnamed (1).jpg

I will say, she did gift me my own mug; and I spent TWO days trying to figure out which one I wanted to advocate. I ultimately chose one that is straight forward: Mental Health matters. I feel like at some point, I'm going to say it so much that I'll need to permanently tattoo it across my forehead. I can't think of a better mantra for everything I am trying to accomplish and bring attention to. That is absolutely not to say I won't be investing in plenty more mugs to come. There are so many that perfectly depict what I am trying to convey at any given moment. Also, what better way to do it then by drinking coffee/tea?!

Keely (The founder of Mental Health Mugs) Is a gem and I can't sing enough praises about what she is doing. She also donates 10% of all of her proceeds to Mental Health non-profits. She is straight-up GOALS. 

Go read more about her movement, and check out the awesome products she has available here. And don't forget to check out my Instagram today for a chance to win a mug of your choice.