Holiday Hangover

Happy New Year, guys!


What an insanely busy couple of weeks it has been. Before you can even sit down to enjoy the Holidays, it seems like they are over, you're wondering what the heck happened, and why your house is full of another year's worth of random items you don't need; but will end up having to organize anyway - amirite?! 

For some reason, I am having the hardest time getting back into my regular routine. Between the unhealthy eating during Christmas and New Years, and the constant feeling of having something to do or somewhere to be; it has felt like a daunting process to try and decompress. 

While we are trying to take baby steps back into the daily shuffle, we have been enjoying some of the gift cards we got for Christmas to grab a quick bite to eat after work. I have gotten so many compliments on this sweater, and the baby has fully enjoyed going to town on its pull strings. They are her own built-in teething toys.

Whenever I mention Pink Blush to anyone who's asked where I've gotten some of my more recent closet items, they look at me like I'm speaking gibberish. I'm so surprised that by now this brand isn't the national sponsor for Instagram! They have such great deals at any given moment, and almost 8 months postpartum; I don't see any end in sight for my obsession.

I wore this gorgeous sweater for our Christmas Eve family dinner - it has delicate lace trim on the bottom, pockets (if you can believe that!) and a hood. It's great because I wore some nice leather boots to dress it up a bit for dinner, and then wore flats with it to work for a more business casual look.

If you are looking for great maternity or postpartum clothing, nursing-friendly dresses, or just some cool, unique pieces to add to your everyday collection; you have to check them out. I promise you, they are well worth every penny!

Have I mentioned their clothes get softer every wear? ;)

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