Extending yourself grace

Hey girl, hey!

I have been out of the writing/blogging loop for a few weeks; I needed time to get my shit together after my holiday binging! I'm finally starting to dredge myself out of the funk.

After some much needed self-reflection; I'm realizing how hard I am on myself. I beat my psyche up harder than anyone ever could; whether it be physically, emotionally or mentally - I always seem to find ways to berate my actions or deem myself inadequate. This is an ongoing battle; one that I triumph over some days, and fail miserably at on others. 

Today was one of the miserable days. Which usually results in wallowing and seeking refuge under the covers. Not today. I refused. This mentality can be so draining, you guys. I could sit there, taking my usual seat on the pity party bus; or get up, throw on some lipstick; my hot new Pink Blush green 'kimono', and turn the negative inner dialogue into something positive.

Even though I mumbled and grumbled about how I looked in every detail of these photos; I posted one on my Instagram story for a small project I was working on - and got so many beautiful messages in return. It was humbling.

This piece is light, versatile, and bright. I wore it today with a long sleeve (AZ winter means cold mornings, and hot afternoons) and I got so many compliments. What's wonderful is that even the maternity wear that Pink Blush offers can be worn well past your postpartum days. So keep what you buy when you're shopping maternity, and stock up on more afterward in their beautiful women's section.

Go check out their website now! All newcomers get 10% off their first haul.

Also, a small takeaway on insecurity: What we spend hours piecing apart about ourselves, others may sing praise over. Tonight, I am going to extend myself grace - and you should too.