Beauty on a budget

I haven't been inspired by any deep and brooding life events lately; So I thought I'd steer away from the melodrama that is my postpartum journey, and give you guys some insight into my "beauty" routine - I use this term lightly because I really only do a full makeup look maybe once a month these days. However, I just pulled some random items together that I live and die by, and wanted to share what works for me!

So I have what I call my '5' minute mom face that I do M-F. It's super fast, makes me look less scary to the general public, and gets the overall job done, because I would rather sleep for an extra 1/2 hour each day than get dolled up. So for that, these are my comfort items:

  • First things first: MOISTURIZE. So important. I use this one, and it also has sunscreen in it, which is a huge bonus.
  • I have huge pores, especially around my cheeks and t-zone, so I use a pore diminishing primer. I also don't have $40 to put towards one that is made of sloth tears from the deep forests of Indonesia. I found this one, and It works great for me, and also kind of moisturizes my drier areas.
  • I have a ton of discoloraztion, blemishes and dark circles on my face; I use a well tinted BB cream to lay down a good base, so that I really get coverage. I love this brand, and their BB cream. It's thick and I feel like it works wonders at making me look less dead. It also has some SPF in it, so even more protection.
  • I have sort of gotten away from using foundation cream, but when I do, I change it up too much because I'm always looking for the next best steal that works well. The last one I used that I really liked was this one. Right now I'm actually using a new one that I hate. (fun fact.)
  • For my poweder, I used Mayelline Pure-Stay for YEARS. I was  so obsessed with it, that even after they discontinued it, I would buy it off Amazon for double the price point just so I wouldn't have to part with it. Well, eventually it got to around $60 a pack, and that was just outrageous; so I have been on the continuous hunt for something that agreed with my face like the Pure-stay did. So far, the closest thing I've come across that I've now used twice in a row with some success is this brand. It does tend to get a little cakey for me, but the coverage is good, and with my BB cream, I don't have to build on top of it too much.
  • Mascara. OHHHHH, Mascara. Again, another one I am constantly messing with brand wise. I have found though, that Maybelline is always my go-to. I do try different types of theirs, but this one is pretty good, and you can build on it.
  • for Concealor, I've found this one to be my best bet. I have SUPER dark circles under my eyes, and I like that it's a combo stick for both my eyes and other areas of my face. This entire brand is pretty solid, and I've had huge luck with almost all of the stuff I've gotten from them.
  • I am not a HUGE fan of lipstick. I have thin lips already, and feel stupid trying to "over" line my lips or make them appear bigger. It is what it is; and even when I look like a snapping turtle on most days, I don't have the calibur to try and plump them up. I tend to go for darker, or more neutral tones, but I know it's different for everyone. Revlon has great mattes, and so does Elf and Colour-pop. Once I find a color, I tend to stick with that one or two for a long while. I don't really mix things up much. Plus, it's messy to kiss my babies with a bunch of gunk on my lips ;) Right now, this shade has been doin it for me.

That's pretty much it for my extensive "beauty" routine. After having Charlie, I just don't have as much of an interest in Makeup as I did before. I'd rather spend my money on new clothes and accessories for her. The basics do just fine. Also, here are a few rando items I use a ton too:

  • Peppermint Oil. I have Young Living (and am almost out) and I swear by this stuff. Constipation, nausea, headaches, fever, back's good for everything. It gets good use in our house.
  • Bio-Oil. This is probably the most expensive thing I splurge on. But I have a ton of scars and stretch marks, and this stuff works miracles at fading and diminishing the apparence of things. Also, it's super moisturizing and makes your skin baby soft!
  • Face Masks for dayyyyyys. There are so many great ones you can buy on Amazon, not even kidding. Just search for them and you can find reviews and test some out for under $15. Right now, I'm using this dead sea one frequently. LUSH also has amazing scrubs and masks if you can afford to splurge a bit. I'm also a huge fan of their lavender Toner. Basically anything at LUSH you can't go wrong by.
  • Magnesium. This stuff is a neccessity for our bodies. I'll leave the link here, just look at all the benefits! I sleep like a baby drinking this before I go to bed. (I honestly just throw a scoop in my ice water.) They also have it for kiddos. I buy mine at Sprouts, and it usually retails for about $20 bucks, and lasts me a little over a month.
  • Charcoal bar. Lovvvvve my LUSH charcoal bar. I did spend like $13 on it, and literally have had it for almost a year (using every day) this stuff feels so good on your face, and is so great at relieving acne and detoxifying your skin. You can get much cheaper ones at your nearest Target, or even Amazon.

I've really dialed it down since having my kid, because frugal is my middle name, and saving big money is my game. (terrible rhyme throw in, I know.) Honestly, I've found a few items I can't live without, and have been training myself to not impulse buy so much crap that I know I won't end up using anyway. It's hard, as I'm someone who will just spend because I want to try something out; but taking the time to just appreciate the few items I really do believe in, has shifted my perspective a bit on what I need VS what I want.

Hope someone finds something they end up adding to their own collection!