Hello friends! I have been out of the blogosphere for a little while; it turns out teething babies really are a thing. A big thing. Full of tears (from both the kid, and the parents) dry shampoo, baby-wearing, and an endless supply of coffee. I'm happy to report that while we are still in the throws of it's misery; we are surviving, and our girl is a warrior princess.

Last weekend was especially rough; and be it that we are new to the teething game, we are going through the motions like any new parent would; by overstocking on over-priced organic remedies, and smothering our babe with all the snuggles; hoping that it's some hidden cure-all for the agony she's experiencing.

Needless to say, we haven't been going out much. Our home has become a little bear cave, where we have been hibernating most weekends. Not going to lie, I secretly kind of love it.


Charlie and I stay in our pajamas for the most part; however, last Saturday, I decided that I just needed a moment or two to feel like Beyonce; and we did a mini photo-shoot.

So I did my hair and makeup, threw on my coziest Pink Blush sweater; and we took some really cute mommy and me pics. I mean, look at the gorgeous floral detail on this thing!

It's perfection. It's a cream color; but has grey and earthy/tan undertones. It goes with essentially everything. You can dress it up, or wear it with leggings and some flats. Also, I know I've said it a million times, but I'll never get sick of bringing up how SOFT the material Pink Blush uses for all of their garments is. I've washed a few pairs of maternity sweaters and shirts from them now; and they just get softer and cozier after every wash.

Soon enough, my entire closest is going to be full of nothing but Shop Pink Blush, I swear by it. Pregnant, not pregnant, still losing baby weight, don't care to lose baby weight...they cover the majority of sizes, and everything fits to suit your every curve. I am sort of a bitter Betty about not investing more in quality maternity clothes; so mama's to be: heed my warning! Do it now, you'll thank yourself later. I am STILL sporting my pregnancy clothing; there's no shame in this gals game.

You can check out their website here - the great thing is they are always coming out with new items - I highly recommend their maternity robes, I hear amazing things; as well as the lounge pants!

Don't take my word for it. Why are you still reading this? Go order yourself something purdy!