Shop Pink Blush review - 5 stars!

Isn't it funny what a trainwreck your organized plans become when you add kids to the mix? I don't even know why I try and pretend like I'll get out of the house on time, or get myself and Charlie ready, for that matter, without one of us being a scattered hot mess. Yesterday, it was definitely me!


I had agreed to meet with Katie, my family photographer (she's the only one that I've worked with since being pregnant, and I love her!) at 5:30 PM so that we could get a few shots of the beautiful shirt Shop Pink Blush had sent me. 5:30 turned into nearly 6:00; because I had everything ready to go, and then I didn't, and then Charlie wasn't dressed, and then she suddenly decided she wasn't in the mood to deal with my shenanigans; so she spent the entire drive yelling and screaming at me to get my life together. It was pretty entertaining, guys.

Anyway! I never buy anything for myself anymore. I have such a hard time not feeling guilt ridden, when I could be using any extra money we have on things Charlie may need. I ultimately decided I should finally start updating my warddrobe a bit, considering half the stuff in my closet right now are leftover maternity clothes. However, I am still most comfortable in loose fitting items; only being 4 months postpartum, finding stuff that's cute and still cozy can be tough.

I have had my eye on Shop Pink Blush for a while now, and would go on their website from time to time to check out their Maternity line while I was pregnant. While I never got around to it; I had always wanted to get some of their maternity items. Their clothes seemed subtle, fashionable, but yet still minimal enough to be loungewear.

Last week, I buckled down and treated myself. I am so glad that I did. The shirt I got is SO SOFT YOU GUYS. I want to live in it. Even after shooting in it yesterday, I went home, put on my leggings, and kept it on. It's also still 90 degrees here, and I found that the linen was lightweight enough and breathable, that even though it was a long sleeve, I wasn't drenched in sweat or overheated by any means.

Really, I can't wait to get more items from them. I'm not normally a huge online shopping buff, but was genuinely impressed by how fast my shirt came after I ordered it, and just how nice the quality was.

I will say, the one downside to this particular shirt, was that as much as I thought the strap and slight open shoulder were adorable; I'm bigger chested, which means thicker bra straps; and a visible show when wearing them together. However, adding a simple strapless bra was a quick fix for this.

Go online to their website and see all the beautiful items they have. If you're currently pregnant, I've heard really great things about their maternity robes as well!