Postpartum lifestyle connoisseur

...that mouthful of a subject line sounded real impressive, didn't it. Well, now that you're here:


Raise your hand if it was nearly impossible for you to stick to your nutrition goals PRE-child; let alone POST; when the last thing on your mind is meal prep and fixing salads. Most days I'm happy if I can even get to my microwaved chicken nuggets (yes, I buy them for myself) before they go cold.

I am constantly reminding myself that the 'fad' diets are not a thing, they have zero credibility when it comes to overall weight loss; and are not permanent fixes. I hate the word 'diet' anyway; and after being told over and over again that it's a lifestyle change, the idea has stuck. It's just actually implementing that affirmation that I'm struggling with. I would love nothing more than to humble brag that I have the will-power of a kale chip eating saint; but I would be lying, and half-way through my second snickers bar.

I'm just a lazy sack of crap. Honestly. I hate working out, and probably always will. I do not get that 'high' that everyone refers to during/after a workout; unless that 'high' happens to be a lack of oxygen and an overall feeling of being near death; in which case I am 100% there.

I genuinely praise women that find the time. that actually get up before they have to get ready for work and do the damn thing. Even if it's just a quickie 20 minutes. To the ladies that meal prep their hearts out every Sunday, I salute you. I really do. I need to be on this level. I just choose not to, and I don't know why.

I will whine about feeling gross. Feeling bogged down, foggy, tired, and flat-out nasty. Day in and day out. Hell, I'm annoyed at myself for sounding like a broken record with no end in sight. At the end of the day, it's a vicious cycle. I feel like crap, so I don't work out. I don't work out, because I feel like crap. Hand me a cheeseburger, put the kid to bed, glass or two of wine, repeat.

SO. To pull myself out of this funk, I figured I needed to hold myself accountable, even if just for a few days; as a means to get my ass in gear. I've made a micro to-do list to work towards this weekend, in hopes that it inspires some of you mama warriors to do the same!

  • Exercise for 30 minutes this weekend doing something you love. (walking, running, swimming, yoga, playing tag with your kids, cleaning, whatever gets you moving and makes you winded)
  • Cook one (or two, if you're feeling ambitious) HEALTHY meal(s) for your family, and skip the bowl of ice cream after.
  • Prep your families (healthy) breakfast or lunch Sunday afternoon for the following Monday. It doesn't have to be both meals, but having something ready is better than having nothing.
  • Drink more water. Even if it's just one extra glass.

It doesn't even need to be food prep or exercise related. Whatever it is that you are struggling to get to and through, cultivate baby steps to get over the hurdle. It doesn't seem like much; but I did notice that the times I do exercise, or prep even one meal for myself the day before starting a new week, it changed my attitude for the rest of that day.

If you're anything like me, you build up these high, unattainable, Everest-sized goals that you want so badly, but then get discouraged by when you re-evaluate.  ANYTHING that goes outside of your usual comfort zone, is enough to steer your motivation in the right direction.

Let me know any ideas you may have that you use to better situate a routine for yourself or your families during the week, or what helps you keep on a steady fast track when you feel stuck in a rut. I would love to gain some knowledge.

Also, I've been trying to research a few apps that can help organize what I'm wanting to do in terms of short-term goals, and bigger picture ones. Here's an article that seems to have some good ones. I'm a visual person by nature, so seeing these things laid out sometimes helps me reach them quicker and more consistently.

Here's to change, and wine!