Double ear infections & Jammies


What was supposed to be a vacation day for my husband and I yesterday; turned into a day at the doctors! Our little is fighting her second bout with a double ear infection. By the time we got to the clinic, her fever was around 103.3. We were both pretty nervous at that point. Luckily, she on the mend and today we are showering her with love and comfort.

I have been lounging around in these pinstripe pajama pants from Pink Blush all morning long. They are roomy, baggy, stretchy, and light. Everything I could ever want in a pair of house pants (or any other pants, for that matter). These will also be perfect when summertime rolls around; they are great at keeping me cool, but also lock in the perfect amount of heat to keep me toasty. 

They have also come out with a new swimsuit line. I think this is such a clever way to differentiate yourself. Pregnancy suits tend to be downright homely, in my opinion. They have done such a great job providing cute patterns and flattering styles. That isn't easy to do; especially as a woman's body changes over time.

I'm so grateful to Pink Blush for their variable smorgasbord of both maternity and regular women's wear. I never have to worry about the quality of their items, or how long they will last. The material is so soft and durable. I have been a customer for over a year now, and am invested for the long haul!

For the rest of today, you can find us camping out in the living room in our jammies, watching movies, and waiting out this stupid ear infection and fever. 

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J. Adams Shoes

Raise your hand if you love shoes! (this is more of a rhetorical question)


I was approached by J. Adams shoes to do a collaboration. Full disclosure; I'm a bit of a skeptic when it comes to buying new shoes. I'm one of those people that hates having to break them in. I've actually thrown barely used pairs away in the past out of sheer frustration that they were tearing up my feet. So I was wary of the quality going in. Nevertheless, I thought eh, why not!

I picked out a pair of black scalloped ballet flats, because my other black pair were on the verge of falling apart; so it came at the perfect time. I went back and forth a lot, though - their catalog has some seriously cute options!

I received them two days later (huge plus - they are amazon prime friendly!) and let me tell you: they are amazing. I put them on and wore them for an entire day while we were out running errands; and I had even brought a back up pair of shoes in the event that they started to hurt my feet. Didn't happen! It's like they came already broken in. They fit perfectly and were very comfortable. I love when that happens.

Also, any brand that offers reasonable price points always gets my vote.  I am a thrift shopper through and through - there's no way in hell you'd ever catch me buying $100 pair of shoes. I can literally say that I never have in my life. I know that may come as a shock to most people; but my priorities lie elsewhere; especially after having my kid. We really try to live within our means. So, when I was looking through what they had available, I was pleasantly surprised.

Go take a look at all the options they have to offer! Everything from heels to flats - they even have boots! Sassy to simplistic; I promise you will not be disappointed.

NOW; onto the good stuff! Who wants the opportunity to win a FREE pair of their own?! The winner will get to choose their top 3 picks; and J. Adams will select one and send to them directly. Head over to my Instagram page today for your chance to win. Tell a friend!

Happy shoe hunting!


15 minute photos!

Being a mom means that you get very little time for spontaneous photo shoot opportunities. Having a nine month old has made me up my game quite a bit. She is as active as ever, and trying to take pictures of her, let alone WITH her, is proving to be entertaining, to say the least.


I've had this beautiful tunic now for about a week. I've worn it twice. Not even going to lie, I picked this one up from the maternity section of Pink Blush. The redeeming factor in my not feeling guilty in doing this is that their maternity line can just as well be used as a regular women's wardrobe. It's sort of awesome knowing that you don't have to run out and recalibrate your closet, just because you're postpartum.

I was able to sneak in a few pics yesterday when I got home - no, they aren't glamour shots. My backyard does have some beautiful hues in it right before sunset, though. The mister was picking up baby girl, so It left me a 15 minute window to get some selfies in!

This tunic was long, and I was worried it wouldn't fit right. Honestly though, I am kind of digging it's 'jammie' vibe. It's so comfortable and roomy; great for days when I'm feeling bloated or just 'blah' in general. I threw on some leggings, and some brown shoes to match the adorable elbowed patches, and bam! Work appropriate outfit. Yes, I realize some people are eye-rolling hard at my stating that leggings are work appropriate. Sorry not sorry. Postpartum me has taken on a full new love and appreciation for the handiness of a good pair of stretch pants.

Seriously though; all you pregnant/postpartum gals: this website should be your go-to. The quality and styles that Pink Blush offers are not only vast, but change frequently. You'll never get bored!

Head over to their site now, and get free shipping on all US orders.

Happy shopping!

With love and Oil.png

30, you were kind of a big deal!

My birthday snuck up on me this year! I am feeling so full of gratitude for the experiences my 30th year gifted me. The journey and transition into motherhood, gradual steps to a healthier, happier version of myself, a reconnection with my passion for mental health advocacy, and a newfound appreciation for my partner's heart as a father.

I've also tried to incorporate more femininity into my wardrobe. Even if it's just throwing on a nice blouse and a pair of wedges occasionally. So, in the spirit of jumping into 31, I wanted to dress up a bit.

I paired this gorgeous Shop Pink Blush blouse with my go-to pants of choice; leggings! I still feel most secure in them, even 8 months postpartum. I am not generally a heels fan; but sometimes the mood strikes, and I felt like these chocolate brown wedges complimented the outfit perfectly. I topped it all off with one of my favorite bronze costume jewelry necklaces. I have steered away from earrings for the time being, as my daughter loves to yank and pull at anything she can get her hands on right now.

Pink Blush has really motivated me to step outside of my usual comfort zone of flats and black apparel. They are diverse; and the fact that they are both a maternity line, as well as a women's line, makes the transition and effort that much easier. 

Go see for yourself, and get 10% off your first order!

With love and Oil.png