• website logos: $50.00

  • signature lines: $10.00/each

  • 1 page media kit: $30.00 with rate card: $40.00 ($5.00 for every additional page)

  • instagram highlight covers: pack of (3) for $15.00, pack of (6) for $20.00, pack of (10) for $30.00; custom number & quote available upon request.

  • phone/desktop wallpapers: $12.00 (phone) $15.00 (desktop) batch pricing available upon request

  • printable(s): pricing will vary depending on the project. email me for a quote.

  • business cards including custom logo: $85.00 ($15.00 for additional back graphic/text)

  • basic website setups: $100.00 (a simple layout, implemented social media feeds, a website logo, and signature line.) opt in subscription set up an additional $10.00


  • blogger kickoff package (website setup, 1 website logo, 1 signature line, and 1 media kit): $150.00 (12% savings!)

  • logo variety package: 3 logos for $80.00 (save $4.00 per logo!)

  • john hancock package: 5 signature lines for $45.00 (save 10%!)


What people see when they first visit your website is a vital first impression. I am happy to help you find the perfect aesthetic for your brand in the form of a strong, personalized website logo/header. 



Ending your blog posts on a strong note; signature lines provide a little something extra to your website. Professional and personal, I will personalize your signature line according to your style and aesthetics.




Need a specific printeable graphic for an event, project, or personal use? I can create anything from chore charts, to checklists, invitations, etc... 



Need to spice up your Instagram stories for your brand advertising or personal use? Pricing for these can vary on the project and detail you are wanting, as well as the length of the content/wording. Email me for a quote. Batch pricing also available upon request.


Every lifestyle blogger & influencer should own a media kit + rate card. Consider these two items your social media resume. It gives companies and brands a snapshot of your website traffic, previous work, and stats. I create these specific to who you are as an individual; no two kits are the same.




Whether it's for personal use, company use, or themed according to a project you are working on; I will be happy to set you up with phone/desktop wallpapers for anything you may have in mind! Bundle purchases also an option.



Entirely new to blogging? Aren't sure where to start? I can walk you through the different blogging platforms, until we decide which one works best for your needs. I will then set up your template for you, create a logo and signature line, plus any other additional customization options (additional fees apply).

business cards

If you are looking for a way to network your brand to others, a business card is a great way to leave a lasting impression. My business card design comes either with a custom logo (or your own that you already have) or a back graphic/text.


While these are my standard packages, I am happy to help where I can. If you aren't seeing what you require listed above, please email me for further information and inquiries. You won't know if you don't ask!