Tribe Vibes!

I love that my daughter is being raised in a world encouraging feminist call to action. I'm grateful to the fearless, bold, revolutionary women that have paved the way for her; who will eventually become the mentor(s) that she will aspire to be. While there are many unknowns about her future; I'm confident that she will be a part of something bigger than her; something substantial.

I know it seems like I'm going off on a random tangent, but lately I've been vibing so hard with my tribe. The collective group of women I'm lucky enough to call my friends & family. I have no idea how I've managed to hold on to the majority of them as long as I have (12 years plus, if you can believe that.) but God has truly provided a consistent flow of support throughout my life. 

I have not always been (or still am) the easiest person to like, let alone love. I am a tiny package full of big flaws. I am aloof, flaky, stubborn, over emotional, selfish, closed off, sometimes judgmental, mouthy, and sort of a pain in the ass if I'm being honest. I have managed to burn a lot of bridges, but have also built some even better ones along the way. 

It's so cool to think that there's a friend for every need you have! Think about your tribe. Who do you go to for different events in your life? 

I have people that I seek out for specific things. Ones that will: 

  • Rally for me endlessly, wanting more than anything for me to be successful, who ignite a fire in my passions and "cheer lead" my goals unconditionally.
  • Listen to me, process the information, and give me an objective approach to the situation, and how to trouble shoot effectively; or they just call me out on my bullshit if and when it's needed.
  • Give me all the affection, ever. Who are empathetic to my emotional nature, without making me feel like a huge baby. 
  • Provide me comedic relief. I am 100% comfortable being my random, silly, crazy, movie-quoting, odd noise making self around them, no questions asked.

There's more, obviously. But you get the idea. I am convinced that there are multiple life lines accessible to you at any given moment for every season that you're in; and while some may come, fulfill their purpose in your life, and be gone just as quick as they came - others just stick. I love the stickers. They've set down roots in my soul, and the thought of losing them makes my heart physically ache.

So, today I challenge you (as my boss would say) to recognize your stickers, tell them you love them and treasure their presence in your life. I'm sure they will be so caught off guard by your kind words, and feel all fuzzy inside.

Take care of you,