Cheers to the women


Who raised us

Who lift us up

Who challenge the norm

Who came before us

Who inspire us

Who choose not to have children

Who choose to be mothers

Who bloom where they are planted

Who were told they can’t, and did

Who fight for our successes

Who have paved the way

Who are deliberate and fearless

Who motivate us

Who stand up against injustice

Who extend us grace

Who persevere

Who are I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T

With boss mindsets

With every reason to quit, who don’t

With passionate souls

With whom we hustle with and for

With brilliant ideas that are overlooked

With soft voices and loud hearts

With every reason to hold a grudge, that choose to forgive instead

That men secretly aspire to be

That know what they want, and go out and get it

That take us under their wing

That smash the patriarchy

That scold us when we berate our own abilities

That rally for us when we need it most

That strive to make an impact

That struggle to wake up every day, but do so anyway.

That RISE UP against what holds them back

That brought you the #METOO movement

That foster and nurture our passions

That love us unconditionally

That empower women to empower women

That dress how they want, and ARE NOT "asking for it"

That don't have to smile more because you tell them they should

That get shit done

That are nasty women

That have seen us through our darkest days

That have delighted in our brightest moments

That share their own spotlight in order to illuminate yours

That work 3 jobs to put food on the table

That put their kids needs before their own, 24/7, 365


Most of all – to the powerful women that we are raising. May they be a direct reflection of all the hard work and sacrifice we put in every second of every day.

Happy International Women’s day to all of you radiant, talented, poetic noble land mermaids!