Diaper Bag Essentials

I've been using my Citi Babies diaper bag for about a month now. I absolutely love it. I never thought I would need a backpack, until the shoulder bag we were using started to hurt my back and shoulder.

  I'm by no means a flat-lay expert; so just sit back and appreciate the novelty of my disjointed layout and nod in approval!

I'm by no means a flat-lay expert; so just sit back and appreciate the novelty of my disjointed layout and nod in approval!

I'm an overachiever when it comes to the contents of my bag(s). My motto is I would rather be overprepared for anything, then unprepared for one big thing. There's nothing worse than assuming you won't need something, until you do, and are stuck somewhere with an angry baby. It happens more often than you'd think!

I know that this list will seem pretty run of the mill. And it is. But I will say that I have read through plenty of 'diaper bag essential' articles, and have ended up surprised by how many new items I implemented into my checklist.

  • BIBS ON BIBS ON BIBS: There was a time where my crazy 'first kid' mom brain was like "okay, but three is going way overboard, right?" not. even. close. My outlook is that I would rather change one bib a few times, than an entire outfit. There are plenty of situations where I have gone through all three in one outing. 
  • HAND SANITIZER: Seems like this would be a total no-brainer. It wasn't for me. When I was first pregnant, trying to figure out what I would need, this did not come to mind. Thank goodness for Bath and Body works - those mini sanitizers are the best! I will say though; I've jumped back into the Young Living oil game, and their Thieves Sanitizer is calling my name!
  • MY WALLET & CHANGING PAD: This doesn't need any explanation, but changing pads are pretty standard, and much needed!
  • DIAPERS & WIPES: Not much to go into here, either. I do make sure I'm always stocked, and bring more diapers than I would probably need, because blow-outs.
  • CHAPSTICK: Because I always lose mine, so the more places I keep one, the better chances I'll have it when I need it!
  • PACIFIERS: Plural. They are so much like socks, in that they seem to get lost all of the damn time - but are a lot like bunnies in that they seem to mate and show up everywhere at once. So when I get lazy and she decides to drop hers on the ground, I usually have another 2 on-call, so I don't have to sanitize.
  • SNACK PACK: Nooo, not the pudding! (Those are bomb, though!) I always carry a small Tupperware of her favorite go-to snacks. Usually, it's Cheerios and Puffs, or I'll have a pack of teething cookies. My girl gets hangry, and quick.
  • A BOTTLE & ICE PACK:  They go hand in hand. I don't know where we got ours, but the ice pack we have is perfect for the pocket we carry her bottle in. Sometimes she won't be hungry right away, so the ice pack keeps her formula fresh long enough to hold up until she wants it.
  • AN EXTRA OUTFIT: At least a onesie, socks, and bottoms. When babies have blow-outs, they are called that for a reason. It's easier to strip them down, then to have to rush home. And even though we live in AZ, I carry a jacket because why not!
  • A PLASTIC BAGGY: This falls right under the blow-out; because you will want something to keep their poop infested clothes in after you change them. Believe me, you will thank me later. I know that some places carry laundry 'on the go' reusable bags, too.
  • TOYS: This can get crowded, and quick. I have a maximum 3 toy rule. Usually it's her current favorites; whatever will keep her busy and entertained. Right now she loves her Nuby banana gum massager, her Jam Naturals wooden bracelet (which is equally awesome to wear and have her play with when I'm carrying her on me) and her wubbanub elephant.
  • LOTION: I'm a huge lotion fan. Our family has annoyingly dry skin. To the point where my husband's knuckles crack and bleed. Luckily, this is more for her dad and me to use - but as she gets older, and we are implementing hand washing more; it will be nice to have on hand (pun intended...HA)

That's about it! Like I said, this list isn't necessarily earth-shattering, but nonetheless, it's nice to know that these posts exist - especially for people like me, who have no idea what the hell they are doing with their lives half the time. 

What about you guys? What were/are some of your diaper bag must-haves? Did you prefer a shoulder bag, or were/are you more of a backpack parent? Let me know below!