Teething: Survival of the fittest

Hi, hey, hello!

Teething. Freaking. Sucks. There is no worse feeling than watching your babe be absolutely miserable, knowing there is really isn't much you can do to stop it. Yet, here we are, having dredged through the trenches for some time now. We've Pinterested, McGyver'ed, and have semi-successfully come up with a few clever ways to soothe our girl's discomfort. I wanted to share with you guys what has worked for us! 

  • WOOD: Give me alllll the wood teethers. This is Charlotte's number one go-to. Wooden teethers are sturdy, anti-bacterial, non-allergenic, and give in easily to babies sensitive gums. Our personal favorite is Jam Naturals. Their pieces are beautiful - they add a few pieces of textured fabric beads as well that Charlie just loves to gnaw on and drool all over. What's great is they have bracelets as well as necklaces; which make it so easy to throw on with your everyday outfit; so your little has something safe (and clean) to chew on while you're out and about. I can't recommend them enough. 
  • RUBBER: A great alternative. Here's the thing. My daughter absolutely hates cold teethers. We tried the old frozen waffle and frozen teething rings gig, and she wasn't having any of it. She didn't want to hold them, so even if she chewed on them for a while, we would have to hold them for her. I found this great little waffle rubber teether from Little Toader, and she absolutely loves it. They have other cute food items like bacon, and pizza too!
  • FROZEN FRUIT PUREE: I've been trying really hard to stay on top of making my own baby food. It's not always possible, and believe me when I say that I have plenty of the processed stuff in my pantry too (judge away, mom shamers) but my kiddo loves fruit, so I would take frozen chunks of mixed berries, or whatever other blends your little enjoys, and simply puree them with a little coconut water, or just regular water - to make a quick snack for my girl. She was getting nutrients, a healthy snack, and it soothed her gums at the same time. A total mom win-win.
  • FROZEN BREAST MILK POPS/FORMULA POPS: Yes, this can be done with either! I did like this idea, but Charlotte wasn't a huge fan. Still, I've heard so many good things. Mama's just freeze some cubes in an ice tray of either; and wah-la! milk popsicles.
  • COLD WASHCLOTHS: Charlotte will do this occasionally - we just freeze a clean washcloth for an hour or so, and it gives them something with texture that is still soft enough. Pretty simple!
  • NUBY BANANA TEETHER: This one is a huge hit in our house - It has little rubber nubs on it, and feels so good on their gums! I'm such a die-hard Nuby fan (as evidenced by my many posts bragging about them!)
  • AMBER TEETHING NECKLACE: I know some people think this is some hipster trend, and eye roll hard over its effectiveness - but I really have enjoyed our necklace. I got it on Amazon. I'm not going to sit here and tell you it's a miracle worker, but I do notice she drools less when it's on, and it seems to settle the irritability that understandably comes with teething.
  • YOUR FINGERS: Yup, I said it. As parents, we will do anything to make our babies feel better. This includes being a human teething apparatus. This girl loves mama's hands, and let me tell you. She's got quite a gummy bite! You know you're a full-fledged parent, when you don't get even remotely disgusted by slobber or boogies....or poop or vomit - basically every bodily fluid ever. 

That's basically my run down! I know, ideas not full of originality - but you never know what some people haven't tried yet. I didn't know about a lot of these until I was desperate for solutions. 

What are some of your favorite teething tools of the trade? Share below!