Winter changing table essentials

Hi guys! Happy Friday. It is my birthday weekend! I will be 31 on Sunday (Superbowl Sunday, oh lucky me...) and I can't BELIEVE it. I go back and forth between the excitement of being a real-life adult; and the disappointment of having to check the 2nd bracket age group on all of my documents. *cringe* 

Anyway! I was cleaning up my Charlotte's messy room today and was chuckling at all of the winter survival tools we've cluttered up her changing table with. This trooper baby has gone through a few colds, a double ear infection, eczema, and lingering congestion since late November. Her first AZ winter has not been kind to her. We've invested in some good baby probiotics, and I try and look at it this way: her immune system will be top notch by the end of her first year!

I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite products that I keep on hand; in general, and especially during the winter season. So I'll just jump right in!

  • BOIRON: I love this brand. It's holistic and safe for babies. We try to give this to her at least once a day, but it can be taken I believe up to 6 times per 24 hours. They also have prevention supplements and adult versions of this. We stock up! It is a little pricier, but worth the investment. You can never be too safe with ingredients and babies. Local grocery stores carry this, and you can also find it on Amazon.
  • AQUAPHOR: I had some of this on hand, and a friend mentioned to me that I could use it for my little's eczema. It works great. I put it on initially after she gets out of the bathtub, and lotion her afterward. I do use the regular adult version on her - in small amounts. It's very thick, so a little goes a long way.
  • BOOGIE MIST: Long live Boogie Mist! I love this stuff. I actually use it too, not even going to lie. It feels great and keeps your nose hydrated in this dry weather. It also reduces sinus inflammation. I spritz one time in each of her nostrils once before bathtime (the warm water and humidity in the bathroom pull out a lot of gunk!) and then I will do it once more after her bath, and before I suck out the rest of the snot. It lasts forever!
  • MATY'S CHEST RUB: This rub smells heavenly. It's very much like Vicks, minus all the icky ingredients. It's all natural, organic, and we use it every night on her chest, a little in her nostrils (I apply a thin layer with a Q-tip just inside the openings) as well as a little on her feet. It helps reduce coughing. 
  • YOUNG LIVING & OILOGIC: I truly have a passion and heart for essential oils. They can become very pricey, very quick. It is sometimes hard to stock up regularly - but I have rationed my peace & calming to hold out as long as possible! We use this every night. I dilute a little coconut oil with one or two drops, then apply to her temples and chest. When I don't have that on hand, I use Oilogic 'soothing' roll on.  Oilogic is a great alternative, and much more affordable. Target usually has some of their products in stock.
  • SINUS BULB: I won't link this to anything in particular; it can be found in any store. We typically use the Frida snot sucker, but we alternate between the two. If I just need to get a little gunk out of her nose, the bulb is a little less hands-on. WIth the Frida; I have to get her dad involved to hold her down. It doesn't hurt her,  but she gets so pissed! She's not a fan.
  • THERMOMETER: I do it the old school style - I don't know why, but I don't trust forehead scan thermometers. We have one, and I do use it, but I feel like I get a more accurate reading the 'booty' way. I always just keep it next to the table in case she's feeling a little warm. Yup, I'm that mom.
  • DIAPER CREAM: I don't use any particular brand. I am still going through a few tubes that I got from my baby shower. There are so many various types you can buy - I'm sure everyone is well versed in this department already.
  • AMBER TEETHING NECKLACE: I got mine from good 'ole Amazon. (can you tell that I live on Amazon yet?) I don't let her sleep in it because I still get nervous. She wears it mainly on weekends; I don't have any "miraculous" opinions about this - but I do notice she drools less when she's had it on a while and is going through a bad teething episode. 

That's it! Obviously we use wipes (not pictured) and after this dry weather lets up, I'm hoping to have a much cleaner, less cluttered table space! 

What are some of your favorite changing table must-haves? Comment below and share!

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