Happy Valentine's Every Day!



Last night while going to bed; I realized Trav and I hadn’t exchanged one kiss the ENTIRE day. I was so disappointed in myself. I immediately brought it to his attention; and rectified the situation 10 fold!

It is so easy to let the intimacy slip away from the forefront of your mind when you’re deep in the throes of parenting and life in general. If you’re reading this and thinking ‘nope, this isn’t MY relationship, looks like you have issues.’ then I applaud your perfection. Selfless acts of love do not come easily to me, as I am a naturally selfish person. In teaching myself to honor the little things about him that I continue to fall in love with every day, it sort of makes the idea of Valentines Day seem trivial in comparison.

Nevertheless, it’s another opportunity to humble brag about what an incredible partner I am blessed with. So Happy Valentines Day, babe. We may not always show each other grand displays of affection; but it’s the small acts of kindness that keep us truly invested for the long haul.