A daily affirmation


Today I will remember that the small victories always outweigh the big ones. That in the grand scheme of things, granting myself the serenity I deserve, if only momentarily, lets in the endless opportunities I may miss otherwise. I will allow myself time to reflect, and in doing so, find means to forgive and prosper. I will accept, embrace and expect change, regardless of it’s timing, intention, or outcome. I must consciously choose to make the best of each day, hour, and minute God chooses to bless me with; and pay forward all the good deeds I am handed. Despite any closed doors life may shut in the wake of the mistakes I have, and will make; I will never falter in finding another that’s open. Life is divine, and in its divinity I will seek grace and understanding; always keeping my eyes focused and curious, diligent and thriving for more. If and when I fail, I must find resilience where I left off, and keep moving forward. Most importantly, I will never forget that the love others have for me is what drives the very fabric of my being, and that finding solace in this will always be the thread that keeps me stitched together when I find myself at my weakest.