Thank you.

Happy almost Thanksgiving!

In light of the Holiday(s), I am forcing myself to take a step back, so that I can dwell on the amount of gratitude I am feeling at this very moment.

God has gifted me a great passion for writing; and in turn, I have been able to utilize this avenue of my life towards collaborations and partnerships with many talented start-ups, small shops, and companies. This has not only been a tremendous learning experience, but one done out of a true labor of love.


Along the way I've met some wonderful new faces, and have been able to bear witness to the incredible results hard work and perseverance will award you. The unwavering motivation I see in my social media peers, the businesses that have taken a chance on me, as well as my daughter, and my future husband; are all driving forces behind what keep me going on days that I want nothing more than to give in to the occasional letdown. 

persistence in the way of self-improvement has never been my strong suit. I am known to easily give in to disappointment; calling it quits, and moving on to my next short lived endeavor. I don't want to be this person anymore. As difficult as it has been on some days to see this blog/brand through, my love for the opportunities it's provided has kept me going. That, in company with the genuine support from those I love; who's opinions and guidance along the way have seen me through my weakest seasons. Needless to say, without any and all of the above, Charlie takes Phoenix would be nothing more than another idea come and gone.

So thank you. From the bottom of my heart. For seeing me through the pity parties, the cheesy daydreams, the intermittent requests for reassurance, my so many back and forth' name it, you've done it. The majority of the time, loving me, let alone liking me, takes a significant amount of effort; so for those of you who put in the time, it goes without saying that the honor of having you in my life is without question, mine alone.